2016 SUBWAY Race Against Cancer

Jimmy V's Jogger Nots

Hello friends!

Ah, running. The sound of your feet hitting the pavement. The breeze across your face. Your breath becoming an exercise in itself, almost as if to relax your mind during a time of exertion. Who wouldn’t enjoy running for any extended distance, not to achieve a goal... but to simply run?

Well, Covenant Health’s corporate department has formed a team of misfits to participate in the Subway Race Against Cancer. However, our steps may sound more like stomping and the breeze on our faces may go a bit unnoticed while we try to control our panting and gasp for air. But, we couldn’t be putting ourselves through this for a better reason. We are running 3.107 miles (yes, even that thousandth of a mile feels daunting to us at the moment) to raise money for programs that provide cancer screenings and mammographies to local individuals that have never received- or could not afford- these potentially lifesaving services. This race is held each year to keep the program and services available.

Our team is committed to make a difference, and I hope by your visit to this site, you will consider supporting our efforts. Please know that your generosity is greatly appreciated and will make a difference in someone’s life.

Together, we can rid the world of this dreadful disease. We look forward to your support!

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